Velvet Flannel

In our quest to continuously create the best fabrics for our bedding collections we decided to add a number ofpremium cotton-weaves developed specially for cooler nights to our growing product range. We commissioned our team of experts to develop a pure cotton-fabric that feels plush and gives a pleasant caressing sensation. We are proud to present you this soft, breathable 100% cotton-flannel with a delicate velvety touch. Our weavers use the finest 100% long-pile cotton,that is extensivelynaturally treated to enhance its feel. It is diagonally woven on state-of-the-art machinery and carefully brushed for optimal raise. Subsequently it goes through an elaborate dying process to give it an even-deep colour. After extensive testing it is carefully tailored into this unique fitted-sheet. Velvet-Flannel fitted-sheets come in a large selection of colours and are available in most mattress sizes.