Why Egyptian Cotton Is So Special?

Nowadays we have numerous options when it comes to bed sheet types. Therefore, it is often hard to choose the perfect sheet for you. So, what should you consider? One of the most important aspects of bed sheets is material.

Egyptian cotton is among the most popular types of cotton and has been for centuries. It provides softness that can only be compared to pure silk. This is why Egyptian cotton is said to be the best in the world. If you are looking for long-lasting quality and durability this is one of the best luxury options you can choose.

What makes this type of cotton so different and special? The main difference is that regular and Egyptian cotton come from different plants, so respectively their properties differ. We should also note that nowadays, the name does not refer to the place where cotton is grown, but rather signifies the production technology. Egyptian cotton has longer threads, which are stronger and closer together. It has good ability to absorb liquids which is why sheets made of Egyptian cotton have brighter and resistant colors.

In addition, if you are regularly waking up at night because you are sweating or feeling too warm this is the perfect type of sheets for you. Its exceptional breathability provides good air flow and coolness. This makes Egyptian cotton the ideal solution for warmer months.

Moreover, If you properly take care of your Egyptian cotton sheets they can last for decades. They get softer with every wash! You can wash them at up to 60°. For ultimate results wash cold the first time at 40°. Subsequently, tumble dry on low, lightly iron while damp. Beware that use of bleach or detergents containing bleaching agent, may cause color loss.

Furthermore, Egyptian cotton is known as an anti-pilling fabric meaning that tiny balls of fluff will not form on your sheets.

The Silky Satin collection by Bed Couture features a great variety of 100% Egyptian cotton bed sheets. They look and feels like silk. Their superior quality can only be found in luxury five-star hotels. We use the finest 100% combed and mercerized cotton that is extensively naturally treated to enhance its feel. After rigorous testing it is carefully tailored into unique smooth and seamless Bed Couture, Silky Satin sheets.

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